Well, it is not a rabbit hole, or a click bait, or anything of the sort, so it is safe to say, “congratulations, you’re smart (or something…)!”

This is a community designed to talk about mental well-being in a fun and interesting way. I’d say it’s the place for the “sane wannabes”, because life finds a way to instill its own version of insanity in us, hence insanity.

We are here to surrender to the awe that comes with the human experience, to examine the finer details of what the human experience is, and what it can be, to unveil the not-so-comfortable aspects of humanness, and to laugh a bit at the quirky parts of ourselves.

We will examine the concepts of life and living, and those of personality and being. It will be captivating, thought provoking, calming, and welcoming everyone’s lights.

If you’re wondering why this is home for the sane wannabes, it is because acceptance brings peace, and for a little moment each day, we can be sane and unbothered by things that do not matter!