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Unlike the previous year, we at least are better acquainted by now with the changes that we have to deal with until further notice due to the covid-19 pandemic. With the vaccines rolling out and going around, we are hopeful that we will be fully restored in the soonest time possible. We have struggled with staying healthy, but apart from the struggle to keep in good health, the other major problem that has come to plague us as a whole, are financial worries. People have lost their jobs, and have had to deal with unprecedented financial disasters that might take them a couple of years to recover from. The discovery of a vaccine might eventually relieve us from having to wear masks and abstain from our favorite social activities. But what will happen to finances for the common man?

It is not news that a few of the world’s billionaires became even richer during the pandemic. It may be that they worked even harder during the pandemic? Or the services they provide became even more essential during the lockdown? Or, just maybe, they are living, walking, talking, money aka money personified! But has anyone ever wondered why these guys are making (mad) money, and even unplanned changes in the human living conditions do not have any negative impacts on them? In a keen observation, it is because these people are not just wealthy, but they have figured out how to turn the wealth within them into money that can be physically expressed. In a short headline series; we are all wealthy people, but not all of us are rich(yet!). Knowing the difference between being wealthy, and being rich, is the starting point.

If anyone noticed, when it became apparent that the covid-19 pandemic would cause a longer standstill in daily operations than was anticipated, people began to seek a lot more entertainment. That includes me! The entertainment industry was making more gains; Netflix saw a rise in the number of subscribers. About a month later, training courses that were initially expensive, or came with any cost at all, began to float freely. Most of them were certification courses that were useful in helping people add more weight to their resume. Some of them will actually add value to our professional portfolios and make us more employable. After a while, those got replaced with ads showing us how we can create virtual products, or become virtual service providers. That is when it became clear that in the midst of all the disruptions that life brought in the year 2020, the people who had successfully learned how to build riches off their wealth were not as badly impacted as the people who did not.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

We all are wealthy, because we all have potentials, raw potentials that are mostly not typically harnessed by the regular educational systems that we go through. These raw potentials are the foundations upon which education itself draws to establish its effects on us by way of professionalism. Education lays hold of some of our intelligence to establish knowledge and understanding. We all have the gifts of insightful thinking, of creating, of instructing, of leading, of doing so many other things that would greatly improve humanity, and also improve the qualities of our lives. We have something inside all of us that we can exchange with the world for money. So essentially speaking, everyone is inherently wealthy.

But when it comes to being rich, not all of us are rich! Very few people are rich in a noteworthy manner. And sometimes, the richest among us are not usually the most intelligent or even the most resourceful people. They are not also the most educated, and in some cases, they do not also come from rich backgrounds. So what is it that sets these people apart from the rest of us? A simplistic answer would be that they are the only ones who are stupid enough to try! But a more defined answer is that they are the ones who have enough confidence to give their ideas a shot. They are not afraid to fail. They are not afraid of what people will think or say of them. They. just. try!

This year is a good year to put ourselves out there in a ‘self for sale’ type of way. It is a year we should be so confident that confidence itself would want to take a few classes from us on how to be more confident! Every idea is worth exploring. I am almost certain, that almost everyone who has been on a roller coaster ride before has found themselves wondering who even conceived that such thrill inducing experience would become so popular and sought for. There is at least one product in the stores that has left us wondering who thought it up. See, the difference between the rich and the rest of us is that they take actions on their thoughts and ideas, they bring their imaginations to live, they look within themselves, and bring to the world a unique part of themselves that somehow manages to capture us.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The self is the ultimate product, the world is the market, and the individual is the marketer. Let’s go make our self into bestsellers, and watch the world savor the wealth of our personalities; it is 2021 now folks!