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Hi, I’m Nuued! I’m a coffee enthusiast and a keen observer of the human experience, who is also passionate about mental health.

The Gift of Hindsight

We are more likely to develop hindsight after we have made a mistake that has probably costed us something expensive. We are also likely to be hyper focused on moving on from a mistake, so much that we fail to make proper use of hindsight. Popular sayings have a way of making it seem like… Continue Reading →

Wealthy? Rich? Wealthy & Rich?

Unlike the previous year, we at least are better acquainted by now with the changes that we have to deal with until further notice due to the covid-19 pandemic. With the vaccines rolling out and going around, we are hopeful that we will be fully restored in the soonest time possible. We have struggled with… Continue Reading →

Which Is What?

How often have you heard someone accuse especially the women folk of being emotional? How do you treat those instances both inwardly and outwardly? And, why do you usually treat it that way? Me? Well, my response usually depends on who is saying it and how open-minded they are to different views. Overall, it is… Continue Reading →

Thou Shalt Not!

Do what; thou shalt not do what? Hang tight, the devil is in the details they say! The just concluded year has presented humanity with a problem that has seen us developing new ways of navigating daily life. One of these changes we have had to make, is wearing mask when out and about. This… Continue Reading →


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