Let’s Communicate: 5 Ways To Achieve Great Communications!

Do you find it interesting that after many years of humans learning to use spoken language, and all the work done on verbal and non-verbal communication cues, we still manage to grow a misunderstanding based on the outcomes of communication? Me too! I also find it fascinating that even efforts by communication experts aimed at... Continue Reading →


And you ask, “what is that?!”. It is likely that your subconscious mind has already known that these terms are invented from the parent word: IDENTITY. If you already figured that out (yes, you did!), you’re a smartie, and we are about to take a look into the novel aspects of the concept of identity.... Continue Reading →

What Is Harder Than Failing?

Only the successful ones talk about their failures. There is a feeling of insecurity that comes with failing, and so it is fairly understandable that we often cannot talk about our failures while we are not yet successful. Much more than the insecurities, there is also a feeling of shame that makes us want to,... Continue Reading →

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